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Easter Holiday Study Tips

In this episode of Band6, Caitie chats with 99.95 ATAR superstar Hayden, who graduated in 2015 from Ipswich Grammar School in Queensland.  with the Easter holiday break fast approaching, now’s the ideal time so start thinking about your approach to utilising the holiday break.

Your No.1 HSC Resource

Have you been using your number 1 HSC support resource? (Every student has access to this resource.)  Do you even know who your number 1 HSC support resource is?

4 Practical Steps To Achieve Your Dream ATAR

So here you are – at the final phase of your entire schooling life! We hope it will be an amazing and rewarding year for you culminating in you kicking some serious ATAR butt! At Band6, we wanna help make this happen and luckily for you, now’s the perfect opportunity to set yourself up for […]

The Realities of HSC Stress

Let’s face it, the HSC is a rollercoaster of emotions!  At the forefront for many students is the feeling of stress that comes with the pressure of dealing with the HSC.